Apache Spark for Oracle Developers

In the last few years, business problems that have been traditionally solved using databases are now being solved using other technologies. Apache Spark is one of the emerging technologies which is used for large scale data processing.

Attend the free webinar by Ivan Lokic and learn how you can use Apache Spark in Big Data applications.  

About the Webinar:
Apache Spark is a general computing engine designed for large-scale data processing. Many well-known companies use it to process petabytes of data on 8000+ nodes with long running jobs measured in weeks.

In this webinar, you will learn about:
  • Apache Spark and how Spark relates to (traditional) Hadoop MapReduce technology
  • What makes Spark so fast
  • How to use the rich set of Spark API’s to design and run your ETL jobs
  • Apache Spark streaming capabilities for near real-time updates and its role in Big Data processing scenarios
  • Structured Streaming, a scalable and fault tolerant stream processing engine which makes near real-time processing scenarios even easier
The webinar is free but space is limited.


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