Free Webinar on Oracle Database Monitoring with Zabbix

You are kindly invited to attend the free webinar hosted by Oracle ACE and Oracle Certified Master Ronald Rood: Oracle Monitoring with Zabbix. Register at this link.

Enterprise IT is moving to the Cloud. With tens, hundreds even thousands of servers in the Cloud, monitoring the uptime, performance and quality of the Cloud infrastructure becomes a challenge that traditional monitoring tools struggle to solve. Enter Zabbix. Zabbix is a low footprint, low impact, open source monitoring tool that provides various notification types and integrates easily with your ticketing system.
During the webinar, we'll cover the following topics:

  • Installation and configuration of Zabbix in the Cloud
  • Monitoring Oracle databases using Zabbix
  • How to use Zabbix templates to increase the quality and efficiency of your monitoring setup
  • How to setup Zabbix for large and remote networks
  • How to trigger events in Zabbix
  • Graphing with Zabbix


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