Oracle Forms to Formspider Migration

Join our webinar and find out how Ridex Ltd. has successfully migrated their Oracle Forms applications to Formspider. 

Ridex CTO Andrew Pouckatch will join Formspider Founder Yalim K. Gerger and build a sample application during the webinar and cover the most common use cases developers encounter when migrating their applications from Oracle Forms to Formspider. 

In the webinar the following topics will be discussed: 

  • Why did Ridex choose Formspider? 
  • What are the benefits of using Formspider? 
  • Demo of the applications Ridex migrated to Formspider 
  • Application Development with Formspider: 
    • Editable Grids
    • How to build a Toolbar
    • How to replicate the Oracle Forms POST-QUERY trigger in Formspider
    • Multi-Canvas presentation for one data block
    • Complex Master-Detail Relations
    • Using Comboboxes and LOV's for data editing
    • Auto-Saving Data 
During the webinar, each attendee will receive a discount offer for Formspider developer licenses! :-)


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