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Oracle Forms to Formspider Migration Webinar Video and Links

Last Tuesday, we hosted a webinar for developers who are interested in migrating their Oracle Forms applications to Formspider. Ridex CTO Andrew Pouckatch talked about how Ridex successfully migrated its clients from Oracle Forms to Formspider. During the webinar, he also built a master detail application with Formspider, a common use case in many Oracle Forms applications.

Don't worry if you missed it though! Below is a recording of the event.

The webinar consists of six parts:

1) About Gerger, the company behind Formspider.

2) Brief history of Formspider and a short overview of its references and success stories.

3) Formspider Benefits & Features.

4) Ridex success story with Formspider

5) Let's build an application with Formspider

6) Questions from the Audience (excellent questions from the audience! :-) )

You can watch the webinar below:

Here are the slides we used during the webinar:

You can view the demo application Andrew built during the webinar at this link.

You ca…

Ridex, an IT company from Russia, succeeds with Formspider

Formspider continues to create new opportunities for freelancers, IT Consulting Firms and ISV's around the world. There is nothing more pleasing for us than hearing stories of IT companies succeeding with Formspider.

Ridex Ltd. from Russia, is one of them.

The first application Ridex migrated from Oracle Forms to Formspider is the material resource planning application built for AK Group, one of the largest supplier of engineering services in Russia. The application is now in production.

After the success of the first migration project, Ridex is now migrating the warehouse management system for RailTransAuto to Formspider. RailTransAuto is the largest railway carrier for automobiles with a fleet of 2500 specialized car-carrying wagons.

Join our webinar on October 27th and learn from Ridex CTO Andrew Pouckatch how you can migrate your Oracle Forms applications to Formspider.

Watch the CEO Sergey Flerko showcase the projects Ridex completed with Formspider below:

Ridex Uses Formspider

Oracle Forms to Formspider Migration

Join our webinar and find out how Ridex Ltd. has successfully migrated their Oracle Forms applications to Formspider. 
Ridex CTO Andrew Pouckatch will join Formspider Founder Yalim K. Gerger and build a sample application during the webinar and cover the most common use cases developers encounter when migrating their applications from Oracle Forms to Formspider. 
In the webinar the following topics will be discussed: 
Why did Ridex choose Formspider? What are the benefits of using Formspider? Demo of the applications Ridex migrated to Formspider Application Development with Formspider:  Editable GridsHow to build a ToolbarHow to replicate the Oracle Forms POST-QUERY trigger in FormspiderMulti-Canvas presentation for one data blockComplex Master-Detail RelationsUsing Comboboxes and LOV's for data editingAuto-Saving Data  During the webinar, each attendee will receive a discount offer for Formspider developer licenses! :-)
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