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Formspider Authentication and Authorization Repository for PL/SQL

We are very excited to announce the release of Formspider Desktop 1.7. FS Desktop 1.7 includes one of the most requested features by our customers. Built-In Security Repository FS Desktop 1.7 comes with an integrated authentication and authorization repository. Formspider developers are now able to secureboth data and UI elementsand grant access rights to users directly from the Formspider IDE. Formspider Security Highlights: Security both at data and UI layer.
Grant read and write access at the query, column and row level. Control editable, enable, visible attributes of every UI component.
Security aware UI components.
Formspider automatically detects the read&write privileges defined at the data layer and restricts access to data bound UI objects.
Incredibly easy to manage.
Build and maintain your security model quickly with the point and click graphical user interface.
Create reports on your security model easily with SQL.
No LDAP, no XML, no files. Formspider security model is implemen…