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Build Native iOS Apps with PL/SQL

Today, we are announcing the second public beta of Formspider Mobile (FS Mobile). This version brings us one step closer to our goal of enabling PL/SQL developers to build cross platform applications.

FS Mobile includes three new features:

Native iOS Support

For the first time ever, FS Mobile enables PL/SQL developers to build native apps for iOS. Simply, download the Formspider Mobile Previewer from the App Store and run your apps natively on your iOS devices.

Improved Map API's
FS Mobile Beta 2 includes new API's to create, edit markers and show directions between two markes on a map. We've already published three new tutorials about the new API's on the Formspider Learning Center.

Access to Camera and Photos
FS Mobile Beta 2 comes with new components that enable PL/SQL developers to access the camera and photos on mobile devices. Check out this tutorial to find out more about this feature.

You can download FS Mobile Beta 2 from here. Enjoy!

The Formspider Team