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Forms-like scrolling on Web with PL/SQL

Implementing smoothly scrolling Grids in Web applications (a.k.a Infinite Scroll) has always been a challenge for developers. In particuler, PL/SQL Developers just don’t understand why such a great feature which has been available in Oracle Forms for decades is so hard to implement in Web applications. Today, we’ve got a solution for them. Introducing Formspider Infinite Scroll
FS Desktop 1.6 comes with built-in Infinite Scroll support. All you have to do is to click to two combo boxes and Grids in your Formspider applications will start taking advantage of the feature. Formspider Infinite Scroll even supports, editing, creating and deleting rows right inside the Grid component. Formspider takes care of everything in the server and the client. You do not need to worry about a thing. It just works. Here is ademo. You can read more about the feature in our Learning Center. Download FS Desktop 1.6 today. The Formspider Team

Build Native iOS Apps with PL/SQL

Today, we are announcing the second public beta of Formspider Mobile (FS Mobile). This version brings us one step closer to our goal of enabling PL/SQL developers to build cross platform applications.

FS Mobile includes three new features:

Native iOS Support

For the first time ever, FS Mobile enables PL/SQL developers to build native apps for iOS. Simply, download the Formspider Mobile Previewer from the App Store and run your apps natively on your iOS devices.

Improved Map API's
FS Mobile Beta 2 includes new API's to create, edit markers and show directions between two markes on a map. We've already published three new tutorials about the new API's on the Formspider Learning Center.

Access to Camera and Photos
FS Mobile Beta 2 comes with new components that enable PL/SQL developers to access the camera and photos on mobile devices. Check out this tutorial to find out more about this feature.

You can download FS Mobile Beta 2 from here. Enjoy!

The Formspider Team

Oracle Forms modernization with Formspider

ING Emeklilik, the ING company in Turkey which operates in the insurance & personal retirement sector is a long time Formspider customer. The latest use of Formspider at ING is in an Oracle Forms modernization project. Continue reading the case study at Formspider web site.

New Formspider version is available for download

Today, we are releasing Formspider Desktop 1.5. FS Desktop 1.5 introduces Team Coding, a feature that’s been asked by many PL/SQL developers who work in groups. The new Formspider IDE allows a developer to check out objects that he is working on to prevent other developers from editing them until he checks them back in.
To enable team coding for your application, simply check the team coding check box in the Application Edit Dialog of the Formspider IDE. View the complete list of changes in FS Desktop 1.5 here. The Formspider Team

Mobile App Development with PL/SQL

Today, we are happy to announca the release of Formspider Mobile Beta. FS Mobile will enable PL/SQL developers to build cross platform native applications for mobile devices.

Go to our web site to find more about FS Mobile and download it.

Highlights from FS Mobile:

1) Infinite Scroll FS Mobile applications implement infinite scroll and developers can take advantage of this feature without any coding.
2) Charts and Maps FS Mobile Beta includes declarative chart and map components.
3) Best of Formspider Everything you love about the original Formspider (now called FS Desktop) such as full transaction control, data aware UI components and true multi browser support exists in FS Mobile as well.
Download Formspider Mobile Beta today.

Creating Custom Reports with Formspider

This Formspider tutorial explains how to save the current state of a Grid component and restore it at a later point in time. This feature can be used to help users to store and later re-run the custom reports they prepare using the built-in features of the Grid component such as resizing, locking and moving Grid columns. Click here to read the tutorial.

New Formspider version is available for download

We are happy to announce the release of Formspider 1.4. FS 1.4 brings further improvements to the Grid component along with a bunch of other enhancements and bug fixes: Locked Columns The new Grid component features the ability to lock columns. This enables users to scroll horizontally through a large set of columns in a Grid without losing context. Save/Restore Grid State FS 1.4 features new API’s which allow developers to retrieve the current state of a Grid (order of columns, applied functions, hidden columns etc…) and apply this state to the Grid at a later time. This enables FS Developers to save the custom reports a user prepares in a Grid and have the user run these reports at a later time. You may view the full list of new features and enhancements here.

Meet Formspider at Scotland Oracle User Group Conference

This year, theScotland Oracle User Group Conferenceis being held on June 12th at the Oracle Linlithgow Office. At the event, I will be presenting “Building Applications with PL/SQL for the Cloud”at 10:10 in the Cloud track. If you are attending the event, let me know. I’d be happy to meet.
Yalim Gegrer

Feedback From a Recent Formspider Customer

Craig O'Neill is the Founder and CTO of CaoSys and a recent Formspider customer. This is the feedback he left on our Q&A site.

How to start learning Formspider

Here are a few  resources to help you get more value out of Formspider but let’s get the most important question out of the way first:
When Can You Be Productive with Formspider?
In our experience, it takes between one to two weeks for a PL/SQL Developer to become confident enough to start building his first real application with Formspider. If you are familiar with Oracle Forms or Apex the transition will be on the quicker side of the scale.
The resources here should help you get up to speed in the next two weeks.

The Case Against "But Apex is free" Argument

One of the initial reactions about Formspider from any audience is “But Apex is free. Why should I pay for Formspider, when Apex is free?”
Good question...Let me answer that.

Major Formspider Pricing Update for PL/SQL Developers

We recently ran a survey among our users and asked them what we can do better. Interestingly, the biggest pain point wasn't about the product but in the way we licensed it. Our licensing made it very difficult for developers to start small. After a few email exchanges with several users it became clear that we had to do something. We are happy to announce that we are correcting the mistake we made.Starting today, Formspider is distributed with the traditional developer seat license. This simple model makes Formspider very straightforward and affordable for the two million PL/SQL Developers. Download Formspider and start building amazing web applications, today.

Formspider Reference Application is now online

You may now play the Formspider Reference Application online. The Reference Application shows the best practices in Formspider for the most common use cases developers encounter when building applications.

Download Formspider Reference Application

Today we released a reference application which shows the best practices in Formspider to implement the most common use cases faced by application developers. If you want to learn Formspider or just started building your first application, we strongly recommend you to install it and take a look at its source code. You can download the scripts from the Learning Center.

Formspider in Brazil

Brazil is known for its great soccer players and Formspider developers. Here is one of them. Meet Ricardo Monteiro...

Maliakos-Kleidi Construction Uses Formspider

Maliakos-Kleidi Construction Company uses an application built with Formspider to manage the design documents used during the construction of the Temp Tunnel in Greece. reading the story on the Formspider web site.

Elmec Sport Uses Formspider

Elmec, one of the largest shoe distributors in Greece, uses Formspider.

Business Case
In a recent promotion Elmec enabled its customers to order custom drawings on their new shoes using an iPad. Elmec needed a new small application to manage these custom made orders.

Continue reading the story on the Formspider web site.

Formspider at OBUG Connect 2013 in Antwerp

On March 26th, I will be presenting "Building Applications for the Cloud with PL/SQL" at 11:30 in Track 9 Development Tools.
We'll talk about the paradigm shift in Enterprise IT and how PL/SQL Developers can build the next generation of applications in this new paradigm.
You can find more about OBUG Connect 2013 here.

Looking forward to meeting you all. Yalim

Georgian Railways uses Formspider

Georgian Railways uses an application built with Formspider to manage its documents used in railroad construction and maintenance. Click here to find out why the developer chose Formspider over APEX to build the new version of the software.

How does Formspider help PL/SQL Developers in building secure applications?

Formspider has a number of built-in countermeasures to help developers build secure applications. Implementing security best practices at the framework level, instead of application level, has multiple benefits.

Continue reading...

ACE Director Lewis Cunningham's interview with the Founder of Formspider

Formspider Day Istanbul is tomorrow

Quick reminder that, on January 31st starting on 13:30 we are hosting a Formspider Day at ITU Technopark. Click here for the program of the day and register.

PL/SQL Event in Istanbul

If you'd like to find out how you can develop applications for the multi-device, multi-platform world of today with PL/SQL, you are invited to our event at the ITU Technopark on January 31st.

Click here to view the day's program and register.

Recap of Formspider Day Denmark

On January 21st, we hosted the Formspider Day in Denmark at the Thansen Training Center in Copenhagen. We met with a very engaged crowd of PL/SQL developers who asked a lot of hard questions. It was really our kind of event with a lot of interaction. Continue reading the story on the Formspider web site...

Formspider Day in Istanbul

On January 31st, we are hosting the Formspider Day Istanbul at ITU ARI Technopark in Maslak. Join us and find out how Formspider can help you to build first class applications for today's multi-device, multi-platform world.

Click here for the program of the day and to register for the event.

Looking forward to meeting you on January 31st.

The Formspider Team

Interactive Reports with Formspider and No PL/SQL

We just published a new tutorial that shows how to use the Interactive Reporting features in the latest version of Formspider. You can read the tutorial here. You can view the demo application here. 

Migrating Oracle Forms and Apex Applications to Formspider

Rhenus, one of the biggest logistics company's in the world, uses Formspider. Find out why Rhenus chose Formspider over Oracle Apex.

Below is a three minute demo of the Formspider application the Rhenus team has built.

Formspider Cloud is upgraded to version 1.2

We upgraded all Formspider Cloud accounts to version 1.2. Formspider 1.2 comes with built-in security, interactive grids, gauge charts and a significantly faster middle tier optimized for Glassfish and Weblogic. If you don't already have an account, create one here and start building world class applications with PL/SQL. You may also download Formspider 1.2.