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For PL/SQL developers who don't want to wait for APEX

Apex just released its road map. Formspider already has four of the major features Apex listed in its road map.The 2000+ PL/SQL developerswho downloaded Formspider and1500+ more who signed up toFormspider Cloudare already enjoying them. 1. Modal Dialog Formspider developers have been able to build applications with modal dialogs since Day 1. Honestly, we did not think of this as a feature worth mentioning until now. I don’t think we even have an example on ourdemo page. Apparently, it is a big deal. We should put up one. 2. Updating multiple rows of data and allow multiple regions on one page Formspider works at a higher paradigm than Apex. In Formspider you build applications, not web pages. The word page does not even exist in the Formspider vocabulary.This is such a reliefthat Formspider developers don’t need to worry about these odd ball restrictions that I don’t even understand…Multiple rows of data editable in one page not possible….Huh? In a Formspider application, you can put as…

PL/SQL and Web Development Event in Sofia

There are only two days left to the PL/SQL and Web development event we are hosting in Sofia on November 30th. Join us and find out how you can build world class web applications with PL/SQL.

PL/SQL and Web Development Event in Bulgaria

Meet Formspider, the new home of PL/SQL developers. Formspider is a new development tool that enables you to build first class Web 2.0 applications with only PL/SQL. Formspider apps run using 100% AJAX, DHTML and JavaScript without the need to know any of them.

Do not miss the PL/SQL event of the year in Bulgaria. Join us in our first free full day event in Bulgaria. Learn more about Formspider and how it can help you in developing world class applications.

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Event Details
Date : 30 November 2012
Location : Betahaus
                 56-58 Krum Popov street (entrance from Lozenets street)
                 Sofia 1421

Program: (All times local)

11:00 - 12:00Introducing Formspider, the Web 2.0 framework for PL/SQL developers
Yalim Gerger, Founder&CEO of Formspider talks about the vision and the benefits of the Formspider Framework.

12:00 - 12:30 Lunch Break

12:30 - 13:30Formspider Features & Applications
Demonstration of s…

Rewriting legacy applications with 100% PL/SQL

AG TRANSPORT, one of the largest transport and logistics companies in Czech Republic chose Formspider to rebuild their entire software system. I interviewed Tomáš Kepič, the managing director of AG TRANSPORT about their project.

I believe his story will resonate with many PL/SQL developers and IT managers.Click here to read it.

Yalim K. Gerger