Formspider: Amazing Web Applications with PL/SQL

I've been sharing this brief summary with people who ask me what Formspider is, who is it for and why they should be interested. I figured I share it here, as well.

What is Formspider?
Formspider is a Web 2.0 framework that lets you build world class Web applications with only PL/SQL. Formspider apps run using 100% AJAX, DHTML and JavaScript without the need to know any of them.

Who is Formspider for?
Formspider is for organizations and developers that want to leverage their PL/SQL skills for Web 2.0 application development.

Why Formspider?

Increased Productivity
Leverage your existing PL/SQL skills to build modern Web applications. Formspider’s only programming language is PL/SQL. It is very easy and intuitive to learn for PL/SQL or Oracle Forms developers. There is no need to know or learn Java, JavaScript or HTML. 

Higher Quality
Design your applications with data driven, beautiful UI components. Run them smoothly with 100% AJAX in every browser by default. Reuse best practices for performance such tuned Javascript library, automatic lazy loading and optimized roundtrips between application layers. Upgrade to the framework that passed audits at organizations with very high security requirements.

Lower Cost
Pay only when you are in production with Formspider’s affordable and open pricing policy. Utilize your most valuable resource: You. Focus on solving business problems rather than technical ones. Avoid costly rewrites. Build long lasting applications that do not bet on hypes but on good architecture.

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