Three Levels Deep Master Detail Screen with PL/SQL and Formspider

When I was in Netherlands, attending the Future of Forms event at the Amis office, the number one thing everyone asked me was whether Formspider supports building three level deep master detail screens (an MDD screen). Apparently,  it is very annoying to build an MDD screen with Apex. In one of the sessions, the presenter praised ADF because it allowed developers build such screens. She said seeing an MDD screen work was the defining moment for her in becoming an ADF convert.

The whole ordeal was shocking to me. With Formspider, we took building an MDD screen as such a matter of course, we did not even bother putting up a demo on our web site.

After the Future of Forms event, we thought it would be a good idea to actually save the five minutes and build an MDD demo application. So without further ado, here is a three levels deep master-detail-detail application built with PL/SQL and Formspider. Click here to see it.

I hope this will be enough to convert the presenter back to PL/SQL.

Yalim K. Gerger


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