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Building a Menu Bar with Formspider

This tutorial explains how to build and usemenu barin a Formspider application.

Web Session Management in PL/SQL with Formspider

This tutorial explains how to benefit from web session variables with PL/SQL in a Formspider application. You will discover how to define, store and destroy session variables. Click here to continue reading.

Is Foursqaure in trouble?

When Forrester CEO George Colony, thrashed Foursquare as nonsense, Fred Wilsonposted his talk on his web siteand commented that “it shows he doesn’t use the product and has no idea what they are about and where they are headed”, when I asked him about his take on Mr. Colony’s view.
However, Mr. Colony might have a point, although he was unnecessarily harsh making it. After several months spending time on Foursquare, I sadly realized that I can get better value out of other web sites. There were three ways that I hoped to get value. Click here to continue reading the article.