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Amazing Charts with PL/SQL

Formspider, the Web 2.0 for PL/SQL developers, enables you to create gorgeous charts declaratively. Creating charts has never been easier for PL/SQL developers. Moreover, Formspider charts are implemented 100% in JavaScript. There is no Flash at all. So the charts you create with Formspider, work perfectly on mobile devices that do not support Flash, as well. Make sure you check out the demo and the tutorial.

Managing Screen Navigation in Formspider Applications

Click here to find out how we manage screen navigation in Formspider, the Web 2.0 framework for PL/SQL developers.

Data Types and Format Masks in Formspider

Formspider enables PL/SQL Developers build Web 2.0 applications just as easily as they were creating Forms applications. Click here to find out how we handle data types and format masks in Formspider.