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Steve Jobs lighted our way

My father lives as if it is 1975.
He refuses to interact with a computer.
To put things in perspective, every member of the family owns at least one computer and presented the advantages of owning one to him repeatedly. He never even touched a computer and seemed genuinely offended by the presence of one.
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How we build Web 2.0 apps with PL/SQL

PL/SQL has never run on client machines and never will. This unchangeable, indisputable fact that seems like the most obvious disadvantage of PL/SQL is in an ironic way its biggest advantage. This very fact is the reason Oracle Forms was a platform independent application development framework. 
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Free advice to the remaining PC Makers

I’ve prepared a list of the shortcomings of PC-Laptops (for lack of a better term) that made me jump ship and buy a MacBook Air. The items in the list will seem as clear as daylight to you. That’s because you are a consumer not an executive in the PC business. Continue reading at Yalim's Lodge

-1 for Google +1 Part 2

My blog post -1 for Google +1, in which I argued that no one is using +1 because there is no benefit a user gets from +1’ing anything,  generated a lot of comments here at this blog and at Hacker News. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. The comments really helped me to form a better opinion. In this post, I want to do a round up of the discussion we had. It seems to me that it all boils down to these three points:
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-1 for Google +1

While I was browsing through news stories at, I could not help but notice the vast difference between the number of people recommended a story on Facebook and +1’ed it on Google. Here are some examples:...
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