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Seedcamp Event Guidelines for Newbies

Last week I participated as a mentor at Seedcamp Ljubljana. For those who don’t know’ Seedcamp is an early stage micro seed investment fund and mentoring programme. They organize daily events across Europe where mentors and startups get together. This was my first time at a Seedcamp event or any event regarding startups. I am literally blown away. The buzz around the place is incredible. Everybody is candid, supportive and unpretentious. They are willing to help and probably more importantly receive help. The other incredible thing is that none of this buzz and excitement is about money. Yes, Seedcamp wants to invest in companies and eventually make money off of these investments but overall at a Seedcamp event, money takes a back seat to the culture of collaboration. The power of community, collaboration and willingness to receive help are the lessons I am taking home with me from Seedcamp Ljubljana. Over the next few days, I will write about the startups I’ve met and my two cents that …