My First StackExchange Question

I have always wondered why people bother giving advice to other companies.  Now I know…
I have a product proposal for StackExchange. Let me describe the business problem first:
My company has recently launched a product. Obviously, we needed a place to answer user questions. We hate old fashioned forums as much as anybody on this site. So, we wanted to integrate a Q&A site to our domain. We tried a few SO clones, picked one and after some effort it was all up and running.
Our product is new and has only a handful users. However, it is a software product that is used by programmers. Every question about our product is a perfect fit for SO. However, it is not mainstream enough, so nobody would ever ask a question about it on SO.
In short, my business problem is that my company ended up, installing and maintaining its own Q&A site. We don’t want to do that. This is not our line of business. We don’t care. We just want to take something and plug it in. We want somebody else do all the hard work for us.
So, this got me thinking…We are not the only company in this situation. There are many small business, start-ups with products out there that fit into one of the SE sites be it software, photography or cooking. Wouldn’t it be nice if SE provided a widget/plugin or whatever, that I could just add to my site and have my own Q&A site for my product? The questions would be tagged with my product name. All SE users could easily login. It would just be a mini-SE site running on the small business web site. The questions would certainly enrich the related SE site, since they would be on topic. Any abuse or low quality input, can also be moderated just like any other stuff on the SE network. Small businesses would not have to hassle with installing and maintaining open source alternatives. Both the start-ups and SE community users would benefit from the exposure on the SE sites. Start-ups could reach the passionate users in the area they are in and the SE users would be informed about new products about a topic they are deeply interested in.
I think this product/feature would make the Internet a better place. My guess is that SE is already working on something like this.
Now below this line I am full of my self:
If this doesn’t lend me an offer for SE Product Director, nothing will. :-)
You may follow the conversation on StackOverflow Meta from the URL below:
Yalım K. Gerger


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