Our Story

When I founded Gerger, I had enough of management that intervenes instead of making it possible for me to work, company procedures that are written by drones with no heart or even a liver, policies that are specifically designed to kill the buzz around anything that may be remotely enjoyable to work on, office hours that start at dawn and end only when the boss leaves the building at midnight because this is the way he likes it, vacation days as if I am in prison and endless meetings that make me wish to have a seizure so that I can get out.
I decided to throw away everything I’ve been thought about how a company is supposed to be and start building my own the way I dreamed it.
At Gerger, there is no management. We are 17 colleagues who work together. We respect each others knowledge and intelligence and are willing to be subordinates when one of us has merits to lead. I cannot think of an instance where I said “Sorry, company policy.” We have no office hours. Anyone can enter the office or leave it at any time they like. We don’t count the days we work, why would we count the days we don’t work? We enjoy our time with friends and family without counting down the clock. Yesterday, we cut a meeting in the middle because some of us felt sleepy.
That’s not all though. It only gets worse. Every week, we play basketball and soccer together. We play Age of Empires on Tuesdays and Counter on Fridays. We are very very spoiled. We only fly business or first class where available. Sorry, company policy.
At Gerger,  we hate the commonplace, the banal, the ordinary. The run-of-the-mill has no place here.
At Gerger, we treat software as a form of art. We hire the best software artists. The very best. We challenge them, set them free and stay out of their way.
At Gerger, we succeed.
Yalım K. Gerger


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