Online Diagram Drawing

This post demonstrates a simple online diagramming tool developed with FLEX. You can download the FLEX Project from here.

FLEX and other RIA technologies such as Laszlo enable us to develop online diagramming /drawing tools that are just as rich as their desktop counterparts.

Currently, we are building an online survey tool that lets its users specify the flow of a survey in a diagram. The sample application below is a small subset of this diagramming tool.


dogu said…
Cok guzel olmus, ben de boyle bir sey nasil yapilir diye hep merak etmisimdir...
ashvan said…
I am trying to alter this example so as to work with UI components like circle, square etc. (i.e. non image objects)

Can I use connector code to work with UI components? If yes, then please explain how that can be done?
Hi thank you very much, its a very good example. Its very help to me. I am trying to group the display objects in the current canvas. How can i do that stuff. and also the resize stuff. can u please reply me.

Arish said…
Thanks for the idea and example!

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