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A Programmatic SelectOneChoice Example

This sample application demonstrates how to add/delete selectitems in a selectOneChoice component programmatically. The JDeveloper workspace can be downloaded from here. The sample application does not need a database connection to run.Sample Application

The application displays a list box and an input field. The user can add new items to the list box by typing a new value to the input field and clicking the “Add Item to List” button. Pressing the “Remove Selected Item From List” button will remove the current selected value from the list box.Below is the source code for the JSP Page and the managed bean used to provide the functionality.<h:panelGrid columns="2" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="15">
<af:inputText label="New Item Name"

<af:selectOneChoice label="List"

Online Diagram Drawing

This post demonstrates a simple online diagramming tool developed with FLEX. You can download the FLEX Project from here.

FLEX and other RIA technologies such as Laszlo enable us to develop online diagramming /drawing tools that are just as rich as their desktop counterparts.

Currently, we are building an online survey tool that lets its users specify the flow of a survey in a diagram. The sample application below is a small subset of this diagramming tool.